Review “My Lady Jane”

lady jane

"My Lady Jane" was written by three authors: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows. I was in love with the book cover and the side notes on the cover made me laugh when I first saw them.
What makes the book so entertaining, are the changes of perspective: they switch between the aforesaid Lady Jane, Gifford (most often called G) and King Edward VI.

This is how everything begins...
The very young king learns that he's dying of the "Affliction" and of course there are a few things that have to be taken care of before he dies, for example choosing someone to secure the throne. Edward convinces his cousin Lady Jane to marry the son of his closest subject: Lord Gifford Dudley. Gifford (G) hasn't been attending any festivities at court for quite a long time  and if he did, he would only show up at night. Jane won't find out why until it is to late.

Lady Jane
The three authors took real history and wrapped it in a few layers of entertainment and fiction. From time to time there a side notes which are put in brackets. Those are mostly referring to manors that people really used to have in the 16th century or what was invented when and why Lady Jane wouldn't wear a white dress for her wedding. Yes, I actually found the reason for that interesting! Back to the main plot: I have to admit that I missed the suspense sometimes. In the end everything got really exciting again but in between it was difficult to keep going. This is a book that should be read with out any long breaks because once you stop (for me) it's hard to get back into the story.

Lady Jane Book Cover
What I liked most were the references to the real past. I loved it when King Edward described the relationship he had with Mary Stuart: not a good one. This book is a must-read for every history geek who likes a historic book with a (not so) little spoon of fictional magic in it.
There's one special thing left about the book: some of the pages look like they were ripped of or something like that. That makes the whole book extra special.

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